Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So! How's It Going?

You want to know how the sleep thing is going? The dear old CRAP machine? How sweet of you to ask! Bless your little cotton socks.

It's still a bit of a hassle, sleeping connected to a tube the size of a vacuum cleaner hose. At least that's what I hear, as I don't think I have actually seen a vacuum cleaner hose. Evil geniuses don't do housework, you know?

I am noticing that I am much less tired. I have spent quite a lot of time being too tired to really implement my evil plans, having to spend entirely too much time yawning and dragging my sorry ass around. Tired down to the bones. Sometimes that means being actually sleepy, and sometimes it means just being ground down and slow--mentally and physically.

These days, I actually wake up feeling refreshed, which is not something I have really felt for a long long time. Mr. Sweetie says that even when I don't wear it, I seem to be sleeping better. He might even say that I snore less, but since anyone who says I snore gets turned into a particularly repulsive toad, he doesn't say that.

So, the nights wear on, and I'm sleeping noticeably better, which makes the whole castle a cheerier place. As much as a dire fortress of grey stone wedged on a barren mountain can be, that is.

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