Monday, January 28, 2008

The Dishwasher. Again.

Well, sadly, despite three .separate appearances of the dishwasher repairman, the old Whirlpool doesn't seem to be whirling enough to actually get the dishes clean. So, instead of throwing good money after bad, Mr. Sweetie and I bought a new dishwasher this weekend.

I did some internet research before hand, and then did a sweep of appliance stores to see the actual machines. And the winner is. . .

. . .I'm having a little trouble with the envelope. . .

A Bosch!

Mr. Sweetie's only request was that it be quiet. I wanted something that would last more than 5 years. The Bosch looks like it will fill the bill. The delivery and installer guys are coming sometime on Wednesday.

Plus! Mr. Sweetie and I went to the hardware store and bought a tank repair assembly, and now the downstairs toilet works properly!

You know, when you are young, and starry eyed, you think getting married is all rose petals and candlelight dinners and sweet nothings whispered by your sweetie. Then you get married, and you realize that life has more trips to the hardware store than it has bouquets of roses--and that is just fine, because you LOVE going to the hardware store with your very own Mr. Sweetie.

And that's how I know I married the absolute right man.


Anonymous said...

Once, back in the day, my husband and I attended a dinner and there was an unmarried couple seated with our group. The unmarried woman was the only one sporting a corsage and someone made a remark about how that sort of thing stops with marriage. Defending my spouse, I replied, "Yes, but he always takes out the garbage". Along the same line of thinking, new dishwasher and toilet repairs rank right up there with candlelight and roses, in my opinion. Enjoy your new toy!!

Suefunky said...

Oooooh! The quiet dishwasher is a wonderful thing! We have a great one here in Funkytown, that we selected together - you will love it!

Does it also have wine glass holders?