Sunday, January 27, 2008

U2 in 3D--part two

Because we are complete geeks, Mr. Sweetie and I went to see the new Imax U2 concert film. The only place it is showing here in the Frozen North is at the Great Clips Imax Theater at the Minnesota Zoo(TM). Neither of the kidlets were really interested, preferring to stay home and watching Disney Channel to going out in the cold and seeing "parents music."

We caught the first show on Saturday, which was full of people our age, who had clearly left their kids at home. There were a few attendees under the age of 12, but not many. Not even many 20 year olds--they must have either seen it on Friday night, or think of U2 as their parents' music as well.

Because we were an audience with an average age of about 46, we were very well behaved. The line to get into the theater was quite long, and before they opened the doors, they had to give us the standard "Imax theater" speach--food and drink is okay, but no gum or trash; 3D glasses will be handed out, etc. etc. Then they opened the doors and the line began to move. One man called out "rock and roll!"--which was appropriate, because it did feel like we were Spinal Tap, wandering the distinctly non-rock-like hallways, trying to find the stage.

The movie itself is a collection of performances from several South American venues of the Vertigo tour, which Mr. Sweetie and I saw here in September 2005. (Man! Hard to believe it was that long ago!) This is not a movie one can really review--if you love U2 like we do, you will see it. If you don't love U2, there's no reason to go.

What I found interesting was being able to see The Boys up so close. And I mean close. Something about the 3D effect made them more human, less iconic. These were not Rock and Roll Stars so much as they were four men who worked hard to make music.

And I came away with a renewed appreciation for the music, and how these four human beings have created something that tens of thousands of people at a time will come to hear and respond to. Yeah. It was awesome.

My only quibble? The theater management needed to TURN UP THE VOLUME!

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