Saturday, May 26, 2007

Studio 781--The Illuminatus

So, now that the trashed acoustical tile ceiling is down in my studio, the ceilings are just shy of 11 feet high. Which is an amazing difference, especially psychically. I remember in the waning days of my legal career, I was working on a weekend (no one else around) when I realized I was walking all hunched over as if the ceiling were coming down on my head. I was unhappy being there, and I finally said to myself "I could leave." Suddenly, my head came up, my posture improved and I no longer felt crushed under a large rock.

So walking into the studio with its newly tall ceilings--felt like freedom, like room to breathe and be creative. It also felt kind of dark. Because the dropped ceilings had five fluorescent lights, all of which were now gone. But I had my lighting guy with me to assess the best way to light the space.

Yes, my "Lighting Guy" is my dad, and he is great. We talked about how I was going to use the space, and where I needed task lighting vs. general illumination, fluorescent vs. incandescent. We measured the space and went to a coffee shop to discuss our options.

Today, I met the Lighting Guy at the track lighting department and we looked over our options. With eleven foot ceilings, it seemed to me that I wasn't really going to be seeing much of the track lighting, so we went with the inexpensive style, which is really just the plain vanilla of light options. But!!! The system is not only expandable, but substitutable. So, if I decide that I need something prettier, then I can put that on later. Plus!!! The system comes with optional pendant lights with beautiful glass shades and faux Murano glass. As the Lighting Guy said, "I can see some of those [fancy schmancy pretty] lights coming as Mother's Day gifts."

The track lighting is slated for the center of the studio, where I plan to have my art table. Different lighting is needed for the writing desk, and with the advise and consent of the Lighting Guy, I bought two classic pendant lights of translucent glass and bronze metal work for over the desk, and the matching one of a smaller size for the supply area. They are currently all in the back of my van, waiting to be delivered on Tuesday.

I take possession on June 1st--less than a week from now!!!

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