Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yes, it's immature, but I hear it increases hits through Google.

But really, let's talk about boobies. You may not know this, but it appears that May is National Breast Cancer Awareness** month, a/k/a Oh My God Everything Is Pink! month. In a clever and fabulous bit of Deeply Committed and Relevant marketing, Macy's offered Fit For The Cure. It was a free bra fitting, with some amount donated to Susan Komen Foundation for each bra purchased.

So, I went. Because after spending a week with my sister last week, we discussed the importance of having a properly fitted bra, and I realized that I probably should get fitted. Plus, a member of my family is now 2 years post surgery for breast cancer, so it's a cause I can support.

Then, after buying myself three! new bras, I also made an appointment for a mammogram. Boy, there's an activity that takes all the mystique out of breasts. So I won't spoil anybody's fantasy by describing it in detail, but I gotta tell you, the girls are glad they only have to do that once a year. Spa treatment it is not.

Which might be a good idea, right? I mean, I got my teeth cleaned this week (Yes! May is apparently also See All Your Health Care Providers month as well.) And while it wasn't bad, wouldn't it have been more appealing if it came with a foot massage and polish change? Or a paraffin dip and warm towel for the hands? Maybe some mood lighting, aromatherapy? Wouldn't you be more willing to go twice a year if when they tilted you back, they put warm rocks on the chakras?

Hey, it's a new concept in health care--pamper yourself with good health. But I don't think there is much they could do with mammograms.

**Actually, according to this site, October is actually National Breast Cancer Awareness month, but here we have all kinds of breast cancer awareness stuff centered around Mother's Day, which makes more sense. But nobody ever asks me.

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