Friday, May 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Finale--Emotional Crack

Okay, if you care about Grey's Anatomy, you already know what happened in the finale. If you don't care--then move along, folks, there's nothing to see here.

What can one say about this show? Some great acting. Some powerful moments between characters. Some truly gruesome surgery. Plot? Story arc? Character growth? Not so much.

So, if it took three seasons to make it through one year of internship, that averages to 4 months per season. So, let's average it further (since time in Seattle Grace is more relative than Einstein would ever have imagined) and say that it's been two months since February sweeps. Meredith died two months ago. Her mother rejected her and then died two months ago. She's had two months to get used to the idea of a family with her father and stepmother, and then stepmother died--two weeks ago. Dad went off his head, slapped Meredith, rejected her. So, it's all about Derek now--that he wants more from the relationship than she does? What, hasn't he noticed that she's a candidate for inpatient mental health care due to emotional trauma?

Plus, he's having second thoughts because he might not get his promotion because of her? So, where does this "you are the love of my life" come from? Well, it was touching if you didn't try to fit it in with what has happened over the course of the series. Remember, Derek? You were the one who tried to get back together with your wife, and Mer hung around for that. Sure, he was trying to be a good person, but damn, where does he get off making "lack of commitment" Meredith's problem.

Oh yeah--I forgot. Live in the moment when you watch Grey's. Don't try to make sense of it. Just go with the emotional roller coaster and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle.

Will I keep watching it? Maybe, online. Maybe I'll just go back to Television Without Pity and read the recaps. It saves a lot of time if I do.

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