Friday, May 04, 2007

Grey's Anatomy--The Venting

Okay, yesterday was a 2 hour special, and I only saw most of the last hour. Yes, I know it's online, I just haven't gotten to it. But I've been thinking about it, and I have a few things I have to get off my chest.
  1. Can we just say how awesome Addison Montgomery is? She has the most amazing beauty, the kind that if you look at her wrong, you would miss. But it's mostly in her eyes--her amazing large eyes, with those outrageous lashes and those incredibly expressive eyebrows. Don't we all want to be Addison, just a little bit?
  2. Meredith's worst nightmare--has to be Addison. I mean, here she is, dealing with the fact that the guy she picked up in the bar and had inappropriate sex with--is her boss. And she is more than a little in love with him. When Addison shows up and is everything Meredith has to feel she isn't. Addison is pulled together, she isn't an intern and so she's not going through all the questioning and boneheadedness that is a necessary part of growing up. No, she's already done that, she's an expert in her field, she's gorgeous--if she walked into a room I was in I'm sure my deodorant would fail, and I'm not even sleeping with her husband.
  3. WTF, you cable info writers?!?!? "Meredith continues to bond with her stepmother" it says. You think--oh, interesting character development to make Meredith deal with her issues around her parents, this time with a real adult. AND THEN SHE DIES? And Meredith has to be in on the medical consult that kills her? Where does that equal "bonding?" I'm thinking "bonding" and I get traumatic death? In surgery where there is no time to say goodbye or anything? WTF?
  4. Meredith's dad--I know nothing about the actor who plays Tucker Grey, but when he realized his beloved wife was dead--that was the most powerful representation of a man who was uncomfortable with his emotions, forced to feel, that I have ever seen. I really really felt his pain. The way he lashed out at Meredith? Totally understandable, and the fact that he slapped her was just part of his pain. The fact that she ran away? Way to make it all about you, Mer--way to be totally unsupportive of the family of a patient.
  5. Although to be fair, there is no way the hospital should have let her be in on the treatment, and NO way she was the one who should have delivered the news. As Bailey has told us repeatedly, there is a REASON doctors don't attend their own relatives.
  6. Bailey? She rocks. It's painfully clear that the Chief has to stay on until she can run the hospital, because she is the only one who has clear boundaries about life and work, and she's the only one who keeps her shit together.
  7. Burketina? Can we talk about this stupid kluging together of names, and issue a moratorium? Because it was cute for "Bennifer" because Affleck and Lopez had kind of morphed into a single media unit, which was deployed for maximum PR effect. They had lost their identities for a while, and became this two headed media monster for an unconscionably long time. There is no "Burktina." And not just because the name is so awkward and horrible. Burke and Yang have definitely NOT merged into a single unit. They are the two most independent members of a couple we have seen on this show in three years. There is no "Burktina" and this trend must be stopped. Now.
  8. Gizzie? George and Izzie? See above.
  9. The horrible effect of extra-series knowledge--we know that T. R. Knight (George) and Isaiah Washington (Burke) have serious interpersonal problems. It's hard to watch the two of them try to talk about their fears about marriage together. Plus, how come the gay actor is the one who sleeps with ALL the ladies? George has slept with Olivia, Meredith, Callie and Izzie. I think that really must be considered a waste.
  10. Izzie? I love Katherine Heigl, and I love the way she acts every moment of every script as if it makes some kind of sense. Because it clearly doesn't. Izzie is kicked out of the hospital over the whole Denny Duquette thing, and less than a full season later we're supposed to believe that the true love of her life is George? The one she treated so badly in Season One? The one who only say they are best friends, but we've never seen them act that way? Heigl sells it as best she can, and if you can just wipe your memory clean from episode to episode, you might even believe that Izzie Stevens is a functioning human being and not just a plot device. Go KH!
  11. McDreamy? Stop moping around with bedroom eyes. Either you love Meredith, or you want to dump her so you can be Chief. There is no point in making eyes at her and then walking away. Show a little spine. And wash your hair before surgery. Sure, that tousled curls look is sexy in bed with Mer, but it can't be hygenic. I know if a doctor looking like that came in and proposed to operate on me, I'd make him shower and shave and then come back and convince me I wouldn't contract some horrible infection from the excess of hair product.
I think that will end this episode of venting. Sure, it annoys me sometimes, but I'm going to hang on for a while. Because, while I'm totally fed up with the "throw artificial barriers up so Mer and Der can't possibly be happy" thing they are doing, Alex's story arc could be very interesting.

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