Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stop the. . .I Mean START the Presses!!!

Harry Potter 7 is coming out! We have a publication date!!

July 21, 2007--a day that will now dominate my personal calendar as well as my entire waking life until then.

Somewhere, my kidlets had gotten hold of the idea that the 7th book would be published on 07.07.07--which has a delightful arithmancy angle to it. I'm sure Hermione Granger would approve. Sadly, we'll have to wait another 2 weeks after that. It will come out ten days before what would be Harry Potter's 26th birthday, if I have the math right.

Okay, here's the worst of it. My kids are INSISTING that we read the whole thing together. No reading ahead. No sneaking peeks. Reading, with all 4 family members in the room, one person reading out loud. I haven't been able to do that for the last two HP books--I don't know how they think I'll manage with this one.

(scurries off to find a countdown clock for the blog. . .)

(comes back after posting countdown clock for blog. . .)

FYI--Dan Radcliffe turns 18 two days after the release of HP7--July 23, 2007. At which time it is no longer necessary to maintain the maternal feelings we all had for him when he was a cute 11 year old,

and can recognize him for what he is today: a stone cold fox.

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