Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Is Totally Unfair!

So, I'm breezing through my ever increasing list of Must Read blogs, and I come upon this post from Miss Doxie. And I'm thinking:


I mean, it's just not fair! Not only is she a productive and practicing attorney (a career I myself left some 10 years ago), but she's clever! And artistic! And funny! Who knew that lawyers could be funny without using Latin for punch lines?

And if you look at her picture, you see that she's also pretty, and happy too!

Damn you, Miss Doxie!

I can only promise that I won't just go and stick my head in the oven because it's locked because it's performing a "cleaning" cycle.

And don't be impressed that I'm cleaning my oven--damn crap on the elements went and made my frozen pizza dinner smell funky, so it's clearly been too long since I pushed the little button to make it clean itself.

I bet Miss Doxie keeps her oven clean too!

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