Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fast & Furious--The Catch-Up Post

So, I've not managed to blog about a bunch of stuff that has shown up on my radar, and rather than bore you with out of date posts, I'm going to do a quick run-down of all the stuff we've missed together.

Think of it like a clips show, or Best Week Ever.

So, Super Bowl XXVXIIIXXIIIILCDXI, or whatever. There was a game. Large steroid enhanced men deliberately threw themselves into each other, and one side won. The ads? Universally panned as Not That Great. What was great? Prince, of course.

However--Prince? I love you, man. I loved the music you played. I loved it even more THE FIRST TIME IT CAME AROUND. Seriously, dude. Purple Rain came out before I got married, and I've been married so long that we didn't have ATMs or answering machines and our marriage certificate was illustrated by some monks in a scriptorum.

Sure, Purple Rain the song was terrifically anthemic, and singing it while it actually rained was very cool. But think of the children! I mean, if the Super Bowl half-time show music was written before any of the players were even born, when are they going to get their own culture? See also: the Grammy Awards.

Although, to give credit where it is due--the FAMSU marching band was WAY cooler than the semi-choreographed young people who usually fill the field with the scary echoes of Up With People. And marching band is a seriously underutilized tool for rock and roll. I mean, Hello? "Tusk," anyone? Fleetwood Mac? Yeah, I thought you'd remember. Danny Elfman used the same sound in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack.

The Grammys. Since when is the Grammy red carpet so damn. . .glamorous? Decorous? All covered up? I mean, wasn't it the Grammys where J.Lo wore that dress that was a long scarf and a brooch holding it in place? Didn't we see Avril Lavigne wear a tuxedo with "Rock On" written on the inside? With Chuck Taylors? Since when do rock and hip-hop and country and R&B wear designer duds? When did fashion trump rebellion?

Thank God there's John Mayer, who may be useless as a singer, but had the good sense to pattern his look after a Hollywood icon:

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~moe~ said...

Hey Cate - thanks for your comment on John Mayer - I thought I was the only one who thought he looked like Edward!