Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bumper Stickers Make Me Think

So, I'm driving behind a car I've seen before in the neighborhood. It has a lovely line of minimalist bumper stickers lined across the rear bumper. Three of them are plain white, with basic black lettering. No pictures, icons, fancy fonts, distracting colors. Just clear, plain, easy-to-read comments designed to be legible at legal following distance.

They say:

Well-behaved women
rarely make history

It is easier to raise healthy boys
than to fix broken men

Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens
Jimi Hendrix

The last bumper sticker did not fit this format. In fact, it was a red, white and blue political sticker, that said:


Which puzzled me. While I don't actually live in a socialist republic neighborhood, or an anarcho-syndicalist commune, there are a lot of proud Democrats and other liberals, and the first three stickers made me wonder what it was about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney that appealed to the person who had so carefully placed those other comments.

Then I looked again.

The last one actually said:

Ah! Not a campaign sticker at all, but a political statement against the current administration! No wonder I was confused. Nice to know that my knee-jerk assumptions about people are sometimes right.

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