Monday, November 03, 2008

Weather Wow

Wow. Just wow.

High of 75 degrees today. Yes, it is the third of November. Yes, I'm still in Minnesota.

I'll have to post a picture of the two enormous pink roses I found in my garden today.



~moe~ said...

I know! Yesterday we hit 75 too, with no wind. It was a perfect spring day.

Wait, I mean Fall day. Today was warm too but way too windy so I slept through it this afternoon. :)

If only it'd stick around.

Belén Darias said...

wohh! you like to write at the computer and do you mean 75 celsius or 75 farengeid well i am spanish so i really have no idea who much i is can you translate it or turn it into celcius or what ever please. :)thanks! i am from canary islands thyere is hot all year long and i like this blog quite interesting (not like other blogs for example mine)keep on writing!

Cate Ross said...

Belen--US is about the last country to refuse to go with celsius like EVERY BODY ELSE. So 75 degrees F is 28 degrees C.

This is unusual for November in Minnesota--since then, the temperature has dropped and we are closer to 0 degrees C, or lower. Snow has fallen, though it hasn't stuck. Yet.