Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh Yeah! I'm Bragging!

Tragedy struck Chez Evil this evening, when I discovered we were out of Bailey's Irish Cream. Yeah, it's a horrible enough situation that I went out In The Dark, in Seventeen Degree Weather to go to the liquor store and correct this appalling situation.

This particular liquor store double checks ID against the credit card--they have probably been on the unpaid end of some credit card theft, so they check everybody. So as the clerk rang up my purchase, I handed him my driver's license and credit card.

He glanced back and forth between the two, checking that the names matched --WHICH they DO--and handed back my license. Then he did a double take. Then he asked for my license back, because he wanted to CHECK MY BIRTH DATE!

He seemed a little confused as he handed it back the second time, and I said something dismissive like "I really am old now."

His answer? "No, I thought you were in like your twenties, like twenty five or something."



Anonymous said...

I gave you an award today! :)


Anonymous said...

And then did he ask what sign you were born under?

Cate Ross said...

No he didn't ask what sign I was born under, Silly. He could tell that from my birthdate.

He wasn't my type, anyway. Not a lot of Future Economic Potential in a liquor store clerk, ya know.

~moe~ said...