Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Something New!

Well, the good news continues to flow in here at Chez Evil. Spring has finally arrived, at least enough so that the grass is now green instead of brown, although there has been no need to get the lawn mower out yet.

The temperature here hit 60 degrees, and so I had to actually go spelunking in my closet for my spring/summer wardrobe, as wool pants and turtlenecks are decidedly too warm for this weather.

Finally, as I mentioned in a previous entry today, I am finally going into the world, and so I am taking this opportunity to announce my newest venture: Member of the "MomSquad" for the new website "MinnMoms" sponsored by the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The call went out last month for "smart women" willing to make a one year committment to starting and sustaining conversations with other women on topics of interest to moms. A friend forwarded that information to me, and without thinking too much ahead of time, I sent in my basic info, plus some Embarassing Mom Moments. I offered a number of topics that I thought would be fun to discuss in a community forum, where I felt I had something to add.

I got an email about two weeks later, confirming that they had received my application, one of over 300! applications and they would be making selections soon. I got the actual phone call on Monday--they want me!

Well, like a total dope, I failed to keep a copy of my application, so now I don't remember half of the topics I said I was interested in--clearly email etiquette and technological record-keeping were NOT in there.

Today was the photo shoot--a beautiful spring day, sunny and breezy, cloudless blue sky. The MomSquad--14 of us, plus the newspaper editor, reporter and photographer--met for the first time on the rooftop garden of the Minnesota Children's Museum. It is a delightful collection of women, with children ranging in age from not-yet-born to 21 years old. We had individual pictures taken, were allowed to fact-check (but not creatively edit!) our profiles, and finally forced into the sandbox for a very tightly squeezed group photo. If we weren't close personal friends before that, we surely are now. Frankly, there were more body parts pressed together than I have shared with anyone except Mr. Sweetie!

The website launches officially on Sunday--Mothers' Day--although we are planning to get on and get things started among ourselves a little before that, so anyone who logs on isn't greeted with a bleak silence.

Stay tuned here for more info, and come join a the truly funny and brave women of the MomSquad!

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