Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Avast, Ye Land Lubbers!

In a lovely surprise, the boat went into the water last Saturday morning, at 9:45 Central Daylight Time. We had been told the launch would be tomorrow, so getting the boat in FIVE! days early, + in time for the long weekend = Very Happy Husband.

FYI--with the boat in the water, Mr. Sweetie would like to announce that he is now to be known as CAPTAIN Sweetie, thnxkbye.

The entire Famille Evil was present for the actual launch, and we got to take an inaugural/shakedown cruise down the Mississippi to our actual slip. Wooden boats dry up over the winter when they are out of the water, and once back in, they need to soak for a bit, to let the wood swell back into place, so we didn't do too much sailing that first day. However, Sunday night we decided to have a sleepover at the dock, and take a longish jaunt downriver on Memorial Day.

The weather turned a bit cloudy and cold, but could in no way spoil the thrill of the first outing. Capt. Sweetie got to try out his new anchor, as well as some new electrical wiring fixes on the instrument panel. We spotted two bald eagles soaring across the water, and had a lovely day. Even Bermondsey is getting to be a fair sailor, and we are pretty certain he won't just jump overboard if he catches site of another animal.

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