Sunday, May 11, 2008

Global Warming=Colder Weather?

Mother Nature is quite the tease recently. It's the middle of May, and is it warm yet? Not hardly. Oh, sure, we get a day or two of sunny weather, with temperatures up to 60 degrees. It's enough to make you think you could put away the winter coats, box up the sweaters and wool pants and break out the summer wardrobe.

And then --SPLAT!!--Mother Nature throws a cold, wet, gray and soggy day in your face, and you have to go back into the boxes of winter clothes so you don't freeze.

It's enough to give one climate whiplash, this back and forth between the Winter That Wouldn't Leave and the timid Spring That Isn't Sure It Wants To Be Here. I don't really want to play peek-a-boo with the seasons, thank you so very much. It's May. It should not be snowing.

Maybe, if the ice caps melt, we'll just ship the penguins and polar bears here instead. They could probably get used to a diet of walleye, don't you think?

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