Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kids Are So Crazy These Days

So the Bunny's 6th grade class is being placed into teams for a Jeopardy game to test their knowledge of the books they have read. Bunny's team has chosen to call themselves "The Cherries" and their team cheer was going to be "Heigh Ho Cherry-os!"

Sadly, another team also had a similar idea for their team cheer, "Heigh Ho Cheerios!" and they happened to be called on first to demonstrate their cheer.

Well! You simply can't have the same cheer as another team--that much is obvious. But there was no time to convene and choose a different cheer. So, when called upon to demonstrate theirs, one of the team members simply piped up:

"Who's gonna bring the blood and pain?"

And the rest of the team raised their fists and hollered "The Cherries!"

And to think we were worried that the Bunny's sense of humor might be too outre for the rest of the kids. We are finding out she is positively retiring in the midst of her goofy friends. What a relief.

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