Friday, December 07, 2007

Radar Love - Golden Earring 1973

Finslippy has this video on her site, which is one of my favorite blogs around. In fact, if you haven't read her, you should stop right now and go read her stuff, as it is totally worth it.

I'll still be here when you get back.

Back already? I guess it doesn't take long to add her to your favorites list, does it? So, she posted this video, which made me smile. However, I had my doubts about it. This does not look like any kind of 1973 anything. The hair is wrong, the leather jacket is wrong, the pants are too skinny, the whole tone is just too "ironic" for 1973, despite what it says on the front of the video. I could believe 1983, maybe, or even a little bit later, but never 1973.

So I went exploring the web for info on Golden Earring. Imagine my surprise! They've been around forever! Thirty albums? THIRTY albums? No way.

I still wasn't able to get any info about the date of the video, but the boys are apparently still working together, and were considering another US tour as recently as about 2003, so a post-dated video is certainly possible. But, be honest. When you listen to "Radar Love," tell me you don't think of some skinny boys with long hair and skin tight pants. Sort of like Aerosmith still looks today.

Here's what Golden Earring really looked like in 1973:

That I believe.

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