Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mental Math

I ran out of the house this morning to drop the girlies off at church, where they were met by Mr. Sweetie, who had to run during the Xmas play practice and needed me to pick up the girlies when they were done. This is the kind of family complexity made possible by the existence of cell phones so everyone can be reached and no one is left wondering where everyone else is.

I pulled up to the church, and had a vivid picture of my cell phone, still sitting on the computer desk at home, recharging. Oh jeez! Because it snowed last night--about 7 inches or so, and it's hard to get out of the driveway because the street hasn't been plowed. It's even harder to park in front of the house, because that street hasn't been plowed either. Really, it's a big ole pain in the patootie to go back home, but we need that cell phone.

So I go home, and guess what! The cell phone WASN'T on the desk recharging, because at some point I had been smart and pulled it off the cord and stuck it in my purse.

Here is the difficult "mental math" question: Do I get smart points, because I had remembered to pick up my cell phone? Or do I get dumb points because I didn't remember that I had picked up my cell phone?

Or do I get extra dumb points for not even checking my purse before I went all the way home?

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