Monday, December 10, 2007

The Continuing Saga Of Orientalizing

We continue to Orientalize the Pony's bedroom. Most recent additions are a dark wood and bamboo hamper, a Japanese noren (the split curtains that were once used as doors to the house) depicting two dragons fighting, and the installation of the Chinese Warriors wallpaper border.

The delay in hanging the wallpaper (I almost said "the hang up!" Aren't you glad I didn't?) has been that I have a hole in my memory where the words "wallpaper adhesive" simply disappear and are never heard from again. I can't tell you how many times I have made a mental note to remember the wallpaper adhesive, and how many times I have come home without it.

Today I made a special trip to the Big Box Hardware 'N' Construction Shoppe (aka Menards) and got my equipment.

It's really not too difficult to hang a wallpaper border, I hummed to myself, as I measured the wall, and laid out the border, and happily slapped wallpaper paste on the back side. The Pony's room is like all the rooms on our second floor--at least one side of every room has a sloped ceiling. As a result, there are really only two walls where we think a border looks right, so that's about 18 feet, which is exactly how long the . . .

Wait a minute. . .

Wasn't that supposed to be 18 feet of wallpaper for $15, or was it 15 feet of wallpaper border for $18?

I am 3 feet short. Three stinkin' little feet short of what I needed to actually finish the room! You can see how I messed up those numbers, though. I was certain--absolutely positive--that I only needed one roll of border.

Oh well. I'll let Pony look it over and decide if she wants the border on the other walls as well. Might as well order a couple of rolls at once, if that's what she's going to want to do.


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