Tuesday, December 04, 2007

mmblmm mbbblmbm I'm Sorry mummmble mmm

My last post, in which I demonstrated my big baby-ness? I feel the obligation to clarify. I'm not dangerously depressed. I'm not even mildly depressed. I have a wonderful handsome, smart, funny, sexy, kind, articulate husband who is fully involved in our family life. I have two sweet, kind, responsible, funny, delightful girls. I have a charming little house in a charming neighborhood, I have my own car, I have lovely things. I have my own studio, where I can do any damn thing I want. I have a sweet little doggy who couldn't be more attached to me. I have more than enough blessings in my life, and I know I am a very very lucky woman.

But I still want presents. I'm fully aware of just how spoiled I am.

I'm putting on my big girl panties now, and dealing with it. </whining>

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