Saturday, December 01, 2007

It's A Christmas Miracle!

Bunny promised all and sundry that on the first day it snowed --real snow, the kind that sticks and doesn't just melt away immediately--she would go outside, raise her hands to the sky, fall to her knees and holler:

"It's a Christmas miracle!"

This was the day. In fact, the weather reports yesterday promised "100% chance" of precipitation, which must be incorrect, because at 100%, it is no longer a "chance." The promised precipitation was snow, and estimates ranged from 5-12". Bunny did go out this morning onto the front porch, in her pajamas and bare feet, and did fall to her knees and announce the Christmas miracle.

The puppy and I went out for the midday walk. It was warmer than the last couple of days, and the snow swirled in the wind, landing on my hood with an audible clunk--not flakes, but tiny little snowballs, frozen solid and the size of pin points. The wind was at my back at the start of the walk, which was fine for me, but meant that the wind blew straight up the dog's. . .well, let's just say it was probably pretty cold for him.

In fact, we were only about halfway through our walk when the dog got cold. He started walking up all the sidewalks in the hopes that this house was one that would let him come inside. Usually, once we do reach home, he is pulling at the leash, trying to reach one last smelly thing. Today, he was right up at the door and couldn't wait to get inside.

This is a day for sitting in our bijoux parlor with the fire going in our wonderful fireplace. As an added bonus, I can put my laptop on my legs and get the extra warmth.

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