Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Winter Hazards

As I have mentioned, ad nauseum, we have had a lot of snow, recently. A great deal of snow. So much snow that when the snow plows cleared the streets, they left large piles of snow in the intersections.

Despite much snow, the temperatures have been quite pleasant. Warm even. The kind of weather where we don't put on a coat to go carry the garbage out to the cans behind the detached garage. The kind of warmth that leads to standing water on blacktop, where the solar heat has melted the snow. The kind of warmth that leads to large piles of snow left in the intersections to turn to slush, to get thrown up by passing tires and packed up into the tire wells of the cars.

With enough snow packed into the tire wells, it can make turning the wheels a bit tricky, and even noisy. The squeak and squeal of tires against packed snow sounds like a scrawny seventh grader who has been stuffed into his locker by the beefier eighth graders.

That's right--it's a winter wedgie, for cars!

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