Friday, March 09, 2007

Freudian Slips

I have some pet peeves about pronounciation. The most ubiquitous irritant is the failure to aspirate the "h." Not that we hear the Eliza Doolittle dropping of the "h" entirely--" 'Eartford, 'Arrisburg and 'Ampton, 'urricanes 'ardly h'ever 'appen." Instead, we get the non-aspirated but pronounced "h"--"yuman" as in "We are all yuman beings." Absolutely drives me bonkers.

I heard a new one today--it's either a new pronounciation or a totally misselected word. In the wake of the Justice Department report about abuse of the PATRIOT Act by the FBI (and that's an entry by itself,) a commentator on NPR was discussing the response of other branches of government, including "ornery attorneys general."

Given the context, I expected the word "ordinary." You know, the ordinary ones, not Alberto Gonzoles. This is either a new low in the eliding of syllables into nonsense, or someone has a personal issue with those ornery attorneys general.

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