Friday, March 09, 2007

It's The Midwest--Let's Talk About The Weather!

Last week--snow. Snow on snow. Lots and lots of snow. So much snow that the puppy had to swim through the back yard. That much snow.

This week? Forty-five degrees. Farenheit. Tomorrow is supposed to be fifty-five. People are wearing flip flops and shorts, outside, because it's practically balmy.

Nothing is turning green yet, but here at Chez Evil we're starting to think about landscaping. The addition of the new! garage has changed things quite a bit, and I can already tell that we need to do something about a path from the around it. Because as I went to carry the garbage out to the cans, all the lovely snow melt ran straight off the peaked roof and down the back of my neck. Note to self. Get a pathway that is farther away from the garage.

Also! since the yard was once (we are told) entirely a vegetable patch, it is Very Bumpy! With lots of interesting Dips! and Hollows! Which in the major melt we are having create Interesting! Water! Features! for the garden.

See, you can tell the medication is working, because I'm able to even conceive of "Interesting! Water! Features!" instead of "Bloody Great Mud Puddles In The Middle Of The Damn Yard!"

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