Monday, March 12, 2007

Mega Mix 80s Dance Party!

I picked up some cheap (a word which here means "craptastic") mix CDs at Target last week, and got them onto the iPod. So I could introduce the kidlets to the happenin' music scene that was the 1980s. (This was even before seeing Music and Lyrics.)

Because right now, they've got an inkling of the era, what with karaoke and television commercials, but really, everyone deserves the joy of butt dancing in the car to 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy TuTone. Even if that means you have to come up with another fake phone number to pass out at bars.

The thing about these compilation CDs is that they heavily feature one hit wonders, which is fine, because Soft Cell never did anything but Tainted Love, and anyway, it's only the single version anyway that has the seque into the Supremes. This is because back in the days of vinyl, I had the album only for Tainted Love and was heartily disappointed. Fortunately, my children won't experience the same heartache.

So, we had a pleasant roll around the music lesson circuit, listening to Thomas Dolby getting ocularly distressed by data ("Science!"). So, imagine my mixed reaction to the kidlets greeting the morning singing "She Blinded Me With Nachos."

Because cheese makes everything better, I guess.

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