Thursday, December 21, 2006

White Christmas

It finally snowed. You'd think, living up here in Minnesota, we'd be guaranteed a White Christmas, but no! Even this morning, it was rain and rain and rain. It was even warm enough for me to go untangle the dog from where he'd wrapped himself around the swing set WITHOUT A COAT.

It's December...that's just not right. Not here, where we got 12 inches of snow on Halloween the year we bought our house. Yes, we were having an addition built on. No, there was no roof. Yes, we had to shovel out the kitchen. Twice. Because it snowed again on Thanksgiving and we still had no roof.

But around noon, the rain turned into slush! Falling from the sky! Little semi-frozen chunks of gloop knocking me on my head and then instantly melting down my neck! Yesssss!

By 2:00 the gloop had turned to honest-to-God snow. JUST in time for picking up kids from school and for RUSH HOUR! We sure do things right up here, don't we. Betcha you wish you could live here too!

But the Bunny was delighted. She's been roping her friends into doing Snow Dances during recess for the last week. It's been important for her to have a white Christmas, and now she's going to get it.

Because Christmas! Is coming! Is your goose getting fat?


jim and michelle said...
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michelle said...

I'm jealous. We still have no hope of snow. Looks like warm and rainy. Hrumph. Way too warm for getting in the holiday spirit.

Although, yes, my goose is getting fat and I may even put a penny in the old man's hat. Or maybe a ha'penny if that's all I can manage.

(I thought I was the only one who sang that song every time I said "Christmas is coming." My kids eyerolling certainly gave me that impression!)

So glad you guys got a white Christmas. Please post pics so we can enjoy vicariously.