Friday, December 01, 2006

Stormy Weather...Since My Man And I Aren't Together...

Mr. Sweetie is on a terrible business trip. He left Tuesday for El Paso, went to Mexico, then off to Raleigh-Durham and scheduled to return tonight. But, due to this:

his flights have all been cancelled. Acting as his Fabulous Personal Assistant, I did get him routed through Miami, rather than Chicago, and it looks like he might make it home tonight after all.

Now, all we have to do is put on a show, so Gramps can have that operation! I bet you have some old costumes in the attic, right? We can use our barn, er, garage, and who's got music?


michelle said...

That nasty storm passed through by me last night. Tornado warnings and everything! Hope he gets home soon, safe and sound.

Cate Ross said...

Thanks, Michelle. He did get home, a little before midnight. Amazingly, I was still awake, so I even got to see him.