Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Is Coming...

Holey Buckets, but I'm ahead of myself this year! I've already mailed off boxes to Japan and California, which never happens before about the 15th of December! Usually, it's like this:

Me: Um. I'd like to send this box to Japan?

Postal/UPS/FedEx worker: You want surface, air or expedited?

Me: How long will those take?

P/U/Fw: Surface is about 8 weeks.

Me: (Slow boat to China? Isn't just a saying?) That won't work.

P/U/Fw: Air will take about 2 weeks.

Me: That will be after Christmas. What about "expedited?"

P/U/Fw: That'll take about 10 days.

Me: Do you deliver on the 25th?

P/U/Fw: No. But it will get there before February.

Me: Okay.

P/U/Fw: That'll be [insert cost figure equal to interest on National Debt].

Me: &*($^#&)Q&#&&$^&%@!?!?!?!? I've GOT to do this earlier next year!

It's especially embarrassing because to mail overseas, you have to fill out a customs declaration which states how much the contents are worth. When the cost of shipping is greater than the value of the contents? Something is WRONG.

But not this year! Okay, so, it wasn't earlier enough to go by slow boat, but I still got it on its way before December was into double digits! I only have one more package to mail off, and the rest goes to people in town.

The Christmas tree is up, and mostly decorated. We are leaving some ornaments for the Pony and Bunny to hang together. Pony has had homework, and now is off to an overnight, so tomorrow we should be done. The stockings are hung, and garlands are strewn about stair rails and doorframes. The Christmas tunes have been loaded onto Mr. Sweetie's iPod so we can decorate to the sounds of the season.

We actually have two playlists of Christmas music, because I have a decided schizophrenia regarding music: either very elegant and lovely, or downright silly. So, Elvis and Brian Setzer and Sweetney's mix are on a playlist called "Profane Christmas." The tasteful music is all on "Sacred Christmas." I hardly ever play that one, myself.

Weekend plans? Well, let's see. I think I have ALL MY SHOPPING DONE! ALL OF IT! This is not a small thing, as I have distinct recollections of ducking under the decending security gates of stores late in the afternoon of the 24th, still trying to find just one more gift. And since I did so much of it online, I hardly bought anything for myself AT ALL! Thus, leaving my nearest and dearest the opportunity to get me something I haven't already bought for myself!

I am soooo thoughtful.

So, as cozy as it is, sitting here in my Victorian parlor with my (imitation) coal fire, surrounded by my Victorian decorations with my (not at all) Victorian laptop on my lap, I must pull myself out into the cold and take the world's cutest dog for a bedtime stroll. And then I'll further bask in the good feeling of being done with Christmas craziness before the 24th.

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