Monday, October 26, 2009

Raising Them Right!

As a member of a Particular Demographic--"SPA mom," for short--I find that everywhere I go, there are A LOT of cars like mine.

Prii. (The plural of "Prius.")

Yes, we over-educated, stay at home or under-employed, socially leftie moms drive a lot of hybrid cars. With kids in middle and upper school, there are now more Prii at drop off and pick up than there are minivans.

And as a fairly new model, there are not that many different colors for Prii, and most of us took what was available anyway. So there are a large number of silver or white Prii that show up at the front of the school around 3 p.m. I actually had someone who was Not My Kid try to get into my car, convinced that my car was actually his mother's car. Embarrassment was mitigated by the fact that the door was locked so he didn't actually drop into the passenger seat.

I have gotten phone calls from my kids to check if I was picking them up, since a similar looking car had driven away and they were concerned they were being left behind. Considering I have had my car for slightly more than a year, this is a pretty high incidence of Auto-confusion.

So I asked Sursels about it. "I'm thinking," I said, "of what I could do to make my car easier to recognize, so it doesn't look like all the other Prii in the pick up line."

She didn't even hesitate. I barely had the sentence out of my mouth when she had the answer.

"BeDazzle it."

And she didn't even know about these:

Looks like a predilection for sparkly things might just be genetic after all.


For your edification and amusement--some "bedazzled cars" I found online.

My personal favorite--a jeweled Mercedes:

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