Friday, October 09, 2009

Crazy Old Dog Lady

I have seen my future, and it is fuzzy.

That is, it is filled with fuzzy little dogs.

Not just that I have the World's Cutest Fuzzy Dog at home. Not just that I even considered bringing him with me to the car dealership to get my oil changed. (FYI--I didn't. He'd be too bored.)

No, it's that another woman brought her little puppy into the waiting room at the dealership, and I had to go meet him. He was a 7 month old shih tzu/Maltese mix, black and white, and a sweet little guy.

Not the actual dog, but a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix I found online. And also found ADORABLE!

Plus, his owner informed me, she had a second puppy, a "Cavachon" (pronounced to sound remarkably like "cabochon") which is a King Charles Cavalier/bichon frise mix as well. That puppy is getting neutered, and is 4 months old.

A Cavachon I found online. How can you resist those eyes?

And I realize that the only flaw my current dog has is that he is just too big to stick into a pocket or a purse and take everywhere. And that at some point in my life, as my brain starts to go, I'm going to start forgetting that I already have enough dog in my life, and start picking up additional puppies. Because, really, how can you resist puppies? And adult small dogs have the advantage of looking like puppies their whole lives.

Another Cavachon--obviously, I like my dogs fuzzy.

So after my kids have established their own lives, and after I lose my few remaining marbles, I fully expect to wake up one morning and find that I have been pushed out of my own bed by all the little dogs I have managed to acquire.

I only hope that Capt. Sweetie won't mind sleeping on his boat.

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I live in Indianapolis and were are you located?