Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's THAT Time of Year Again


Me: Checking Caller ID, seeing "Private Caller:" Hmmmm. Maybe it's my friend, the public defender, calling to have me pick up her daughter after school.

Picking up phone: Hello?

Voice: Hello, this is XYZ Inc., and we are conducting a brief survey. If the election for school board were held today, would you be more likely to vote for Pat Jones or Chris Smith?

Me: I don't care, my kids are in private school: I don't know.

Voice: If you knew that Chris Smith sent his/her/its children to private school miles away, would you be less likely to vote for him/her/it?

Me: WTF? Ummm. No.

Voice: If the election for mayor were held today, would you vote for Female Unknown Candidate, or Current Incumbent?

Me: That's easy--current incumbent is a long time friend of ours, so even my Republican husband has agreed to a DFL sign in our yard: Current [DFL] Incumbent.

Voice: If you knew that Current Incumbent had raised your property taxes every year he has been in office, up 38%, would that make you less likely to vote for him?

Me: spotting the political bias at last: No.

Voice: Thank you. This survey has been paid for by the Republican Party and not by any individual candidate.

Me: Oh, reallllllllllly?

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