Saturday, October 24, 2009

If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marry It?

Because while it is nearly normal to carry a deep and heartfelt passion for fictional characters, one cannot actually marry a television show.

Yup. Still talking about Glee.

I had an Facebook message exchange with my sister, the Fabulous Suefunky, and suddenly some of my favorite lines started coming out of my fingers and into my message. ANd the more I typed, the more fabulous lines came zooming out of my cerebral cortex to plaster themselves onto my computer screen. Tell me you can read these lines and not laugh, and I'll accuse you of lying to me, or having absolutely no sense of humor.

Or possibly, that you have no idea what Glee is and so you are more to be pitied than condemned.

"I had a terrible case of athlete's foot a couple of years ago, and had all my toenails removed, so if she steps on my foot. . ."

"If I even speak to one of them, she will Shave. My. Head. And I can NOT rock that look."

"Look, I know how particular you are about what products you use on your face."

"Get me to a day spa. STAT!"

"He looks like an eleven year old milk maid."

"Moisturizing is an important part of my post game ritual."

Coach: Make this, and you will die a legend.
Kurt: (nods) Can I pee first?

Will Scheuster: I will kill you.
Sue Sylvester: I am about to vomit down your back.

Will: You promised you'd stay sober.
April: Yeah, well, but I was drunk when I made that promise, so you can't hold me to it.

"I think those vaccinations are what made my kids STUPID."

"My husband does the taxes for several mid-sized law firms in this town. . . ."

And you know there will only be more great lines as the season progresses. GO GLEEKS!

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