Friday, May 08, 2009

Turned Up To Eleven--Again

The greatest band that never was--Spinal Tap--is releasing their (second?) album June 16, but why wait? You can hear the title track "Back From the Dead" here.

Taking a page from U2's playbook, you can get the album, or you can buy the deluxe version with a 1 hour DVD and a pop up diorama with 12" action figures of the Derek Smalls (bass), Nigel Tufnel (guitar, tongue), and David St. Hubbins (lead vocals, guitar). And why wouldn't you?

(Unsubstantiated rumors indicate that a fourth action figure was planned but abandoned when the prototype spontaneously combusted.)

Billboard reports:

"When people hear this, they'll think, 'This sounds like a band that probably found it's way to the stage most of the time,' unlike the illusion that's created by that film," [Derek] Smalls said. "You'll say, 'Hold on, this doesn't sound like a band that lost its way every night. So it's worth it, just for that."

Tour plans include a World Tour, which will take place on June 30, 2009 at Wembley Stadium. No other dates will be added.

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