Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Nicknames

My lovely family took me out to dinner on Mother's Day (Mothers' Day? Well, MY day anyway)--mostly because I insisted. While dining, we had a conversation about nicknames.

Sursels has the kind of personality that lends itself to friends creating nicknames for her. Tonks is such a loving older sister, and also so verbal, that when we started counting off how many nicknames Sursels has (and we forgot to add "Sursels") we were quickly approaching 20.

We came up with about 4 for Tonks.

Me? If you exclude the titles "Mom" and "Mama," I have one. Cate.

To which Tonks reached across the table and patted my hand. "We love you. You just don't have a nickname."

It was the way she said it, coupled with that sympathizing hand pat: "We love you." It just hit me as sweet, and sad, and funny all at once.

THAT is a Mother's Day present to cherish. After all, Tonks is 15, and a public declaration of her affection is not something I expect by any means.

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