Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fashionista Fail

I saw this collection on a guy walking down the street the other day, and I nearly hit a parked car gawking at the mix. (N.B., No I didn't really, that was just hyperbole to illustrate just how heinous the combined look was.)

So this guy was kind of a stocky guy, who could have been anywhere in his 20s or 30s. He was redheaded, and he had longish sideburns, and a conservative close cropped haircut. Except for the mohawk.


I couldn't see much of his face, however, because he was wearing mirrored aviator glasses. You know the look from the 1970s, right?

So, if he was wearing an Afro and dashiki, he'd have looked like a period reproduction or something. Or, if he'd been all in black, with chains and a dog collar and ripped fabrics and safety pins, you'd have said "totally punk rock."

What is it when the mohawk sportin', Top Gun shades wearin' dude has on madras Bermuda shorts?

Pastel madras Bermuda shorts.

I'm thinking "a car wreck." What do you think?

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jothemama said...

Kids in Dublin are wearing their hair so oddly. The girls are all orange with fake tan and blonde highlights, heavy foundation and similar clothes and snotty attitudes.

The boys are wearing these WIERD spiky mullets, somewhere between mowhawks and seventies footballer hairstyles, but with spikes and highlights. They must cost a fortune and they look like shite.

So god knows what pastel shorts man is thinking.