Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh--So That's Why I'm A Obama Fan!

Yesterday in Slate magazine, Dana Stevens reviewed the new Star Trek movie. This is the part I just love:

Star Trek's vision of the future, as guided by creator Gene Roddenberry, was also a relic of its time, the age of NASA and the Cold War and Kruschev pounding his shoe on a podium at the United States. The show's faith in diplomacy and technology as tools for not just global but universal peace might seem touchingly dated in our post-9/11 age of stateless jihad, loose nukes, and omnipresent danger. Yet in a weird way, Star Trek's cheerfully square naiveté makes it the perfect film for our first summer of (slimly) renewed hope. It's a blockbuster for the Obama age, when smarts and idealism are cool again. In fact, can't you picture our president—levelheaded, biracial, implacably smart—on the bridge in a blue shirt and pointy ears?

OH YEAH. That just explains so much!

Turns out that this is far from the first time these two "fascinating" men have been compared. Huh. Seems like--once again--I am late to this party.

On the positive side, that means there are a fair number of essays and pictures that demonstrate my geeky Spock-love onto our President. It's all good.

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jothemama said...

This is Very Very Funny! He looks like he was born to The Enterprise.