Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Opposite of Anorexia

We don't have many mirrors at Chez Evil. This is at least in part because our house was built by someone with an irrational hatred of ninety degree angles. We have very few walls that are not significantly pierced by doors or windows. There is no room on the second floor with a ceiling that is actually parallel to the floor--we live tucked up in gables, resulting in walls that are less than four feet tall.

We do have one full length mirror, which is located on the back of the bathroom door. This allows one to lean forward and glimpse one's self while seated on the toilet, which is a sight I spare myself. I am not a Candie's ad.

Somehow--accidentally, I assure you!--I caught myself out of the corner of my eye, and it was horrible. Truly, truly appalling. I looked like Jimmy Glick.

Which is really disheartening, because from inside my own body, I think I look like this:

I think this must be the opposite of anorexia, in that I assume I am much thinner than I am. I even feel thinner than I am. But, I have been forced to accept the horrible truth, so I am now doing something about it. I have started the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating plan.

The good news? This actually works for me. I have gotten to the point where there is nothing--NOTHING--in my life that I hate more than having to decide what to make for dinner--or breakfast, or lunch. Now, it's not my problem! The food shows up, I eat it.

The better news? In one week, I have lost 6 pounds.


~moe~ said...

Congrats on losing 6 pounds, how did you do it?

Inner beauty is really what matters, right? That's what my mom told me. ;) Of course, I just put my full-length mirror on the wall (it was leaning up against it giving me a nice lengthy appeal), and I feel like Mr. Glick too, but I really want to be Kate! Hmmm...

Again, how did you do it?

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