Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Being An Optimist Sucks

Man is it crazy weather here these days. I saw my first robin of spring on Sunday. Monday it snowed.

Ha! I thought. I'm just back from 10 days in Sunny Palm Springs, and I am warm down to the marrow of my bones. No way is this really winter! Just look at this snow--it's so wet and gloppy that it's all but rainwater anyway! It will never last! It hits the street and melts immediately, and the only reason it doesn't disappear entirely is because it is getting caught on grass blades and isn't in actual contact with the ground.

Yesterday was Home Opener, and the Famille Evil ate hot dogs and watched baseball, while the snow fell. And fell. And fell. And so did the temperature--fall. And as the night wore on, the concept of an unroofed stadium seemed more and more foolish.

Today the official report was snowfall of 3" -9" with St. Paul reporting 7 fricking inches of snow.

See, now, if I had NOT been Miss Pollyanna Sunshine and blithely predicted instant melt--I would at least have had the bitter satisfaction of being right. Maybe that is the reason to be a pessimist--you are either right, or else pleasantly surprised.

Stupid snow. Mother Nature having a Big Fat April Fool's joke on all of us.

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