Sunday, February 24, 2013

OSCARS!! Big Awards Edition

And here we are at Director, going to Ang Lee for Life of Pi. I didn't even call this category. Have to say Jane Fonda looks amazing in bright yellow. Did they seriously just give this award and then go to ads?

How much time would we have saved by cutting Seth McFarlane out entirely?

Oh, and the ad for Baileys reminded me that I should be drinking! Fortunately, I have some Baileys in the house!

Best Actress, introduced by the still charming Jean Dujardin--wait, wasn't he a character in Les Miz? Jennifer Lawrence won! Wow. And she tripped on the stairs. I bed she mentions it in her speech. And she gets a standing O--yes! She mentioned it! She was charming and flustered and DeNiro looked like it was past his naptime.

Nice move, McFarlane. You were right--Meryl Streep needed no introduction. This is DDL again, although the clip of Hugh Jackman makes him unrecognizable. That's the kind of role that wins often, but not against DDL. Also, Denzel should win for his role as a drunk, but the DDL thing is hard to beat, especially him playing an American icon like that. Yup. Who knew? First actor to win 3 in the Lead Actor category? Wow.

DDL is so gracious, but he couldn't sell that joke. I guess we won't ask him to host the show next year.

I do not love Jack Nicholson. Seriously, why is he still being trotted out all the time? I never got him. I saw Five Easy Pieces and could not get the love. 

WTF? Michele Obama? That WAS a surprise!  And a great dress too! Go M.O.!  And the winner is going to be Lincoln, isn't it? Michele Obama gets to open the envelope? ARGO? ARGO?!?!

Wow. That was not what I expected. But it's got two really good looking producers to bring to the stage. And the funny looking one takes the mic.  Turns out he's funny too.

Now we get a closing musical number and it's almost 11--will they cut it?  Will they play these guys off? No, it's a direct steal from Neil Patrick Harris's closing number at the Tonys. Having Kristin Chenoweth helps sell something that is pretty weak. 

Let's not have him back next year, but ask Adele to host! Or Shatner. Or Tina and Amy. Somebody who is actually funny. Or nobody at all, and just have excellent traffic control to send people onto the stage without the person "hosting." A word which here means "tells stale jokes that are both boring and cringeworthy."

Congratulations to the winners. See you next year!

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