Wednesday, April 01, 2009

So What Does This Mean About Me As A Parent?

Tonks came home today with stories about April Fool's jokes, played and simply proposed. Several girls were trying to come up with a prank for their friend to play on her mother. Mom had, apparently, played a rather nasty joke on said friend.

The most popular option was that Friend should tell her Mom that she (Friend) was pregnant. Friend declined to do so, on the grounds that Mom wouldn't think it was funny, and Friend would have to deal with Mom's anger.

So, Friend argued, you should do it.

Tonks pointed out that she couldn't do it, as I would figure out it was a prank and not true at all.

Which--go me! As far as having a child who believes I understand her and the life she is living.

But--would I laugh? What if she was serious? Wouldn't that create a terrible reaction to an emotionally fragile situation? It's making me look at how I would react--and I'm thinking popping her into a scalding hot bath and pouring gin down her throat would NOT be my first response.

However, apparently, I do know how to do that. . .

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