Sunday, February 03, 2008

Step Away From the Internet Explorer and Nobody Gets Hurt

So, I my last post--about the dishwasher--had a small problem. Yeah, I was trying to be cute, doing a pseudo-HTML thing to emphasize the James Earl Jones/Star Wars thing. Totally forgetting--of course!--that Blogger IS an HTML based site, and so I just messed up the whole post. Royally.

I spent about another 10-15 minutes getting everything right--finding a new photo online to illustrate it, re-writing the entry, blah blah blah. Hit the "Publish Post" button and then viewed the dang thing in a different window. Hey voila! There it was!


The awesome JoMama sent me a link--all my edits didn't post in Internet Explorer. Weird. I do all my internet mashing on Firefox these days, and there was absolutely no problem with it. I went into Blogger from IE, and re-edited the whole post, and checked it--the post is there, but the whole page is messed up.

If you are reading this from an IE browser, you may have the singularly unpleasant experience of reading a post, with all the sidebar information now inconveniently posted BELOW the actual blog entry. Everything is still perfectly fine in Firefox.

Do you suppose that Microsoft might have "updated" Internet Explorer, and now it's no longer compatible with Blogger? Would they do such a thing? Really? You think so?

Well, all I can offer is that if this page is messed up for you--come join us over on Firefox.


~moe~ said...

Your posts are a little odd - some how versoix is lost...

Anyway, I like the look of your dishwasher - stark it may be, but I like that it doesn't look so much like an blends in so nicely! excellent choice!

Cate Ross said...

So, moe--are you using Internet Explorer? I have been using "publish post" and then editing to correct for stuff that doesn't transfer the way I wanted it to. Apparently, those edits aren't making it onto the IE version of Blogger. Who knew? I think I'd better use "preview" to edit my posts from now on. I hope it works!