Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Backlash Whiplash

So the inevitable rise and fall story is smacking Diablo Cody upside the head. When it first came out, everybody loved Juno. So funny, so unique, so quirky! And so everybody saw it. And they liked it. And it made money, and more money, and more money.

Then, came the backlash. You've probably heard some of it: not very realistic; sixteen year olds don't talk like that; it's only because she used to be a stripper that anybody even bothers with her.

Well, I liked Juno, and I like Diablo's story, and it's not just because she is from Minnesota. More power to her--it's not easy to come from the Midwest and get a screenplay made, after all.

So, in order to foster a backlash against the backlash, I am starting my own little campaign. As of today, we are all going to try to talk like the characters in Juno. Honest to blog!

Got any problems with that, homeskillet?

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~moe~ said...

I still need to see Juno!'d think I'd do that with all my free time but I haven't yet. Maybe Monday.