Saturday, February 02, 2008

Domestic Reportage

So, my new dishwasher is installed. You know, I chose it for the heavy insulation (quiet while it is running) and the nifty interior flexibility. But, all the controls and lights and buttons and screens and stuff on located on the top of the door. Once the door is closed, you can't see any of that, which leaves the dishwasher looking a little bit. . . .

. . . .stark. Oddly, it reminds me of the Imperial Storm Troopers from Star Wars.

Anyway, I have now run my very first load of dishes in it!

James Earl Jones voice: Behold the power of this fully operational Death Dishwasher!

Well, the quiet thing was really true. I loaded it, started the cycle, and left for a short errand. When I came back, I literally couldn't tell if it was still running or not. Not only was it VERY VERY QUIET, but with no buttons or lights or control screens on the front, nothing indicates if the cycle is still running.

Fortunately, those German engineers think of just about everything. There is a red light that shines down from the lower right side of the dishwasher, leaving a red laser light circle on the floor to let you know that the machine is, in fact, running.

It was so quiet that I caught the dog staring quizzically at the red dot, and turning his head from one side to the other as the tiny sounds of the machine issued forth.

Of course, it got the dishes mad clean--I haven't seen glassware sparkle quite like that outside of television ads.

This one may be a keeper.

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