Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Confusion in College Football.

Back in the day when I was an undergraduate, I lived in a dorm that housed and fed the football team. So I was privy to the utter ridiculousness of Big 10 football and the oxymoron that was the "student-athlete." A neighbor of mine was seduced by the supposed glamor of these man-boys, and she did their homework in return for the scraps of attention they gave her in dropping off and picking up the papers she wrote for them.

It is necessary in this transaction for all the parties to be not terribly bright--she was (willfully?) oblivious of the degree to which she was being crassly taken advantage of, and they weren't getting very good papers in return because she wasn't that great of a scholar herself. At least one regular customer of hers showed up after a game in which he was removed from the field due to a concussion--and there was really no way to see any difference in him.

So, I am rather jaded about collegiate football generally, and am not a fan of the game anyway. So I never kept up with the changes

So, this year, I heard that the "Doritos Fiesta Bowl" takes place in the "University of Phoenix Stadium."

Dudes--the University of Phoenix is an on-line university. The questions arise:

Does even a non-existent university need to have a football stadium? Has collegiate athletics gotten THAT corrupt?

Why would a college football championship be played in an imaginary university's stadium? More to the point, since "University of Phoenix" is a for-profit institution, does that just make the hypocrisy of college athletics obvious?

Yeah--send your hate mail to me, and feel free to explain what I have failed to understand, but football just does not make any sense to me. I am willing to be educated, but I can hold out little hope of your success.

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