Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Snow Days The New Standards 2008

I am totally addicted to this song. I wonder why--waking up to sub-zero temps, icy cold blue skies and blazing white snow piles. The roads have been scraped, but it's actually too cold for salt to melt the ice. We are driving on Braille roads until the sun comes out and the temperatures rise.

Yes, this is a song about how Minnesota winters feel, except that I don't think there is actually much looting by vagabonds--it's too dang cold even for them!

I love Chan Poling's ruined beauty--he's weathered a lot of hard life, actually, yet he still plays and sings as gorgeously as ever, and shows that music doesn't have to be only a young man's game. John Munson has such a rough voice--straining and then hitting those notes that brings such power to the lyrics.

And I want to take Steve Roehm home in my pocket and put him up on my mantle like an "Elf on the Shelf."

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