Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes Red Carpet

This is an experiment in live blogging the Red Carpet for the Golden Globes on E! Let's see how it goes.

Jane Lynch—Ryan Seacrest just showed Jane Lynch a clip of her on a previous interview when a bird pooped on her forehead. She's a good sport and an absolute Amazon. I'd love to see her crush seacrest between her eyebrows. She is awesome, and he remains a tool.

Ricky Gervais is looking good, and saiys it's because he only eats lettuce. How is somebody who has been doing interviews as long as Seacrest has still so bad? He's managed to make Gervaise un-funny.

Sophia Vergara has a great grey and red strapless which is great colors but is so architectural that she needs to be wheeled around on a dolly.

Mickey Rourke is looking pretty good with a pretty girl on his arm. Her English isn't really good enough to talk to Seacrest.

Maggie Gyylenhal looks fab in pink.

Peggy Olson/ Elizabeth Moss—looks exactly as awkward as her character would look. She looks like she's wearing her mom's dress. But nice to have her talk about her new marriage to Fred Armistad of SNL.

Ginnifer Godwin and Jeanne Tripplehorn. The Trip looks about a million years old, very matronly and mom-like. Ginnifer is so cute—love her short hair. They're plying up the sister-wife thing.

OMG, Toni Collette is looking GLAM in gold sequins.

Mr. Jay is manning the "Glamcam360", which is pointless, but better than the head to foot thing they used to do.

Trivia crawl is hard to keep track of. Neil Patrick Harris is being charming, and so did I really see that Gerard Butler used to be lawyer and was fired from a Scottish law firm for being late and hungover?

Sandra Bullock

Christina Hendricks in peach, shows off her gorgeous read hair and her curves.

Emily Blunt—the hair has definitely been in the rain. The pink dress is a little lighter than her skin, which I'm not loving, but I love Emily so I'll give her a pass.

On a break—there is still a lot of strapless mermaid going on, and lots of jewels, but no one is asking about the jewels—perhaps as a nod to Haiti? They're all borrowed anyway.

Adrian Grenier, who famously doesn't bathe. He's got a Haiti ribbon on his lapel.

Quentin Tarentino and two actors from Inglorious Basterds. He's wearing an American tuxedo and a Japanese tuxedo, telling a story about getting drunk with Brad Pitt.

Jennifer Morrison in a bdress that is a bunch of shreds. Not loving it.

Giuliana has Lea Michele, in a black de la Renta strapless. Kristen Bell in the background in a knee length dress. Lea is talking about singing Madonna songs for Glee. Gabourey Sidibe with long hair and great necklace. Patricia Arquette is looking a bit ravaged and not just the dress.

Giuliana got cut off mid interview so Seacrest can get on air with Sandra Bullock. Sandy in deep purple which is lovely, and an odd hairdo but lovely long earrings. She's so gracious about her role in Blind Side. Seacrest tells us she donated a million dollars to Haiti. Cool

Chace Crawford is such a pretty boy—he looks like a young Rob Lowe in many ways.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are well turned out. Lilac on Fergie is so not a hip hop color. But the bling works.

Vera Farmiga, looking very JLH, and mercifully freed from that "Captain and Tenille" haircut from Up in the Air. She's lovely. Vera had a baby 14 days before she started shooting Up in the Air, and wearing a lovely black strapless mermaid dress.

Seacrest to Josh Duhumel: why did you renew your vows? Like we don't know Josh has been caught cheaten;.

January Jones with an odd headband, and trying not to do 60s.

George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. He's got a great beard—does he do anything badly? Telethon for Haiti—Cloons is such a nice human being. There will be music that will be buyable on iTunes the next day. "It's a hard time for people to be giving." No questions about who they were wearing—maybe Seacrest can be salvaged. Elisabetta is in something very complicated and snaky looking.

Could the ad for "Extrodinary measures" be any more manipulative looking? Since when is there audience demand for Brendan Frasier and Harrison Ford in something "heartwarming" rather than something fun like Indiana Jones meets the Mummy?

Marion Cotillard in lack Christian Dior—her accent is soo cute.b

Purple seems to be the color—Leona Lewis in lilack. Diane Kruger in something horribly pink/red ombre.

Anna Paquin and her co-star fiancé. Are not answering prying questions about their relationship.

Drew Barrymore in beige looks sleek, even with the glittery hedgehog on her shoulder.

Mariah carey looks personally affronted that it dares to rain on her.

Steve Carell—the perennial candidate. He looks genuinely delighted to have Gervais host tonight and is looking forward to it.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett—she's in red which is a great contrast with her blond hair.

Tina Fey in houndstooth? At least it's not black. The skirt is the same shape as her umbrella, and tea length.

Julianna Margulies in black and red—for vanity's sake she skipped the red carpet.

It's the Sev in ruffles that stay up magically. The hair is terribly severe, but the overall look isn't weird.

Tina Fey with Seacrest—she's saying "I feel like it's someone elses turn." Alec Baldwin will be hosting the Oscars? How did I miss this? With Steve Martin? This could be awesome, squared. Tina "It keeps raining, and I'm worried my tattoos will start showing."

Mr. Jay shoing Chace Crawford in Dolce & Gabbana in the GlamCam 360—it is a nice tux. Mr. Jay is wearing a HUGE Camilla.

Heather Graham in a tight ponytail and a black sequined dress. Elie Saab, very nice. Giulliana can drop the "your body is rockin'" line.

Penelope Cruz with soft long hair and willing to hold her own umbrella. Too bad she's so homely, right? Anna Kendrick coming up! She's darling and very poised for being so young. Back after break with Penelope Cruz to talk about Haiti—Artists for Peace and Justice website and telethon on Friday.

Kristen Bell in the shorter dress—"I needed to move like a tiger: I swam here. Zoe Saldana in a fabulous red dress. Taylor Lautner, soaking up the.

Maria Carey's boobs are now talking to Seacrest. She's such a mess. Even with slicked back hair and a non-frilly dress, she's still too much. Does she have the dress on backwards? Is she getting ready to breastfeed the room?

Robert Downey Jr. and wife. He's great and complaining about how hard it is to keep

I can't keep up. Calista Flockhart is actually wearing a raincoat. Amy Adams showing off a baby bump in a dark green dress. Jon Hamm in a beard?

Toni Collette in GlamCam360—fabulous. Emily Blunt as well—the edges are rough and messy to my eye, but Mr. Jay likes it.

Maybe Ryan is finally getting good at this? He's smooth about greeting Harvey Weinstein while throwing to commercial. Mayabe I can stop hating him—as long as he stops being a tool.

I started blogging on Blogger, and two sentences inlost it all, so I switched to Word in order to have a post byt eh end of the evening. And what happens? Of course—Word stops working and eats a bunch of my entry. Damn. I am now saving during ad breaks.

Seal and Heidi Klum—she's in gray Atalier Versace and delightfully bossy, complaining about the stairs.

NPH pwns the GlamCam360—spewing a liquid spray that is captured and displayed in the round!

Mark Wahlberg talking about his fourth child and his wife who is home with the kids: "she's a machine." He's talking about an Entourage movie while Paul McCartney walks the red carpet.

Mr. Jay with Sandra Bullock is one of the "shades of the night—purple" which has a sheer panel in the back that looks like a corset or something.

Tobey Maguire for "Brothers" which Seacrest doesn't even say the name of it. "That movie"—neither one of them mentions the name. Good thing I know so much, huh? At the end, Seacrest finally says it.

Giuliana and Anna Kendrick. She's in white with silver detailing—a huge ruffle around her bust which I don't like. Giuliana has lost her mind over George Clooney and has totally punted on her interview with Anna. "So, were you concentrating on your lines, or were you thinking 'I want him.'" To her credit, Kendrick doesn't say "But he's so ooooooold! Yuck!" She clearly could have.

E! is bringing Joan Rivers back for Fashion Police. It's probably the right move—who watched Kimora Lee Simmons? And now they are trying to fill the last 10 minutes without

Christina Hendricks is wearing Christian Siriano. Her hair is down, she looks very young that way.

Amy Adams stumping Seacrest about what trimester is halfway through pregnancy; Jane Krakawski in purple, also newly engaged to the designer of "Psycho Bunny"?. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on the carpet.

Mr. Jay "Mariah Carey brings her own Golden Globes to the GlamCam. . ." He claims that the shoulder detail on her dress balances. . .her figure. He also loves Fergie's Grecian gown, which does look good on her.

Okay, now we're switching to NBC for the actual show!

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