Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Improvements!

One thing you learn when touring medieval European cathedrals--maintenance is a bitch.

Which makes complaining about the difficulty of maintaining a house that is only about 120 years old seem like whinging. I mean, if they can have eleventy million visitors a day tramp through Versailles, and keep it looking good, why am I stalled on my own house projects.

So we came home, and I am getting busy.

We met with the garden designer, and we are gearing up to launch into that. I need to do some follow up with house painters, and get that done. I have plans to meet with a hand made tile artist (who made the cool tile for our fireplace) to make decisions about (finally!!) putting up a back-splash in our kitchen.

I spoke with a drywaller today and scheduled the repair of the master bedroom ceiling for the time the girls are at camp, so we can move all the furniture out of our bedroom for the duration of the project--and maybe even paint as well!!

Not only that, but I have made interesting and inventive meals for the family based on our European favorites--actual home-made chicken pot pies the night before last, eggplant parmigiana last night. With home made creme brulee.

Life is happening at a faster speed right now, and it's exciting.

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