Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to American Posting!

"American" in the above title should--of course--be pronounced "Ah-MUUUUR-i-kan" for maximum effect.

So, back from Europe, still completely behind on the vacation blogs over at "Rosses in Europe," but slowly re-entering the cultural wading pool here at home. And catching up on two weeks of "Go Fug Yourself" posts. Which is nearly a full time job.

And those lovely bitches (a word I use here with love!) at GFY HQ have given me the answer to just what it is about French women and what makes them so chic. As I have previously theorized, it's all about the posture.

As proof, I give you Exhibit A, Marion Cotillard:

The dress is lovely, of course, but not unlike something you might see in the window down at the mall. The shoes are quite basic, the hair and make-up are understated. In fact, you could probably get a knock off of this entire ensemble for under $100.

But you (and by "you" I obviously mean "I") couldn't wear it the way she does. There is something indefinable about her posture, the ease with which her arms rest at her sides, the small smile that seems to invite you to share her amusement. Just the way she stands, she, like Audrey Hepburn, is bringing the French.

I am both delighted by it, and madly jealous.

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