Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Love, Prius Style

So I've had my Prius two and a half weeks, and man does it rock! I'm getting roughly 50+ miles per gallon, which is really the only reason I bought it. My 1998 Odyssey is still in excellent condition, and runs really really well. It only gets about 22 mpg, and when gas was hitting its head against $4 per gallon, better mileage was the tipping point to getting a new car.

Although I didn't get a new car so much as I got a computer with four tires and a steering wheel. It seems like every day requires me to program something new. Today, I managed to get the garage door opener (cleverly located on the rear view mirror) programmed.

Did you know:
  • That the plural of Prius is Prii (pronounced PREE-eye)?
  • That you cannot operate your iPod through the stereo controls? (Boo!)
  • That certain touch screen features are disabled while the car is in motion?
  • That window controls on the arm rests mean your dog can open his own window to stick his head out?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it have dog-proof window locks? Of course your puppy could figure them out, I'm sure.

I'll bet there is a way, somehow, to keep him from an open window. His own built-in child seat perhaps?